Order Flow


Order placement

Make ZIP file, all images be in JPG format, 7MB, with a minimum 300 dpi along with its sequence..

Name your zip file with your first and last name along with the date, in the following format:
“YourFirstName_YourLastName_UploadDate.zip” to identify your file for us.

Down load order form from here to fill out and enclose it to ZIP file.

∗ You are directed to PC site.
∗ We are afraid but file uploading can be done only via PC site.

Start uploading your file by just clicking “Select Files” .
(Please compress your files into ZIP FILE before uploading. File should be no larger than 2 GB)
∗∗Alternatively, instead of using our file upload service, you can also use FTP or file sharing service (Drop Box etc.) to send images to La-vie.



La-vie is pleased to offer our clients true silver halide photographic prints from our Fuji Frontier Digital Lab printers.

These machines feature state-of-art, 3-line CCD scanning units, complemented by sophisticated image-enhancement technology and a proprietary laser exposure system to exploit the full potential of the digital domain.


Design and layout

Each La-vie album is a labor of love for our designers, who employ their experience and skills to make each album a unique creation that truly captures the special feelings of a wedding day.

Each page is carefully inspected and laminated to ensure that the images can be enjoyed again and again, as fresh and beautiful as ever.


Turnaround time and shipping

After we receive your data, please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your album.

Any rush service, please contact at

Contact us at

Custom Albums

They are all 100% handmade and unique.
People love this high-end line up.


Some great option is available to
enhasize the standard album.