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How to order


How should I submit to La-vie when I place my order?

At the time of your order, you can upload a files (up to 2 gigabytes in size) through our website.
Please go to File Upload page to see more details.
Alternatively, instead of using our file upload service, you can also use FTP or file sharing service (YouSendIt, etc.) to send images to La-vie.
We recommend that all images be in JPG format, 7MB, with a minimum 300 dpi. If you are scanning from your negatives, please contact us first, and use the highest resolution scanner possible.


Should I include the sequence with my order?

Please include your sequence with your order. Also please clearly specify your desired front and back cover images. (LH, LG front image only)


Do you correct color?

No, we don’t correct color, only adjustment.
Please correct color on your side before uploading your file.

About Album


Will my album contain actual photographic prints?

Your album will contain true, archival, silver halide photographic prints, with a texture you can feel over the laminate.


What kind of printer do you use?

La-vie uses Fuji Frontier (Frontia) Digital lab printers, combining the best of silver halide and digital technologies.

About service and other


What is the album’s warranty?

Each album is guaranteed to hold its cherished memories for a lifetime of normal use. If an album is damaged beyond the scope of the warranty, we can repair it at the rate $150 and up.

About payment


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa , Master and Amex). Please remit payment when you place your order.